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The Best Choice for Self Storage in Kelowna
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Save on moving and storage options:

As a Kelowna U Haul dealer we can rent you whatever you need for your move. We have multiple packages from a full professional move to a total self move - but either way you can still save up to 60% over our competitors. We have enclosed moving trailers or rent our enclosed moving trucks. The convenient U-Haul U-Box. We drop off as many U-Boxes as you need to your moving site you load them. When you are ready simply call us up and your boxes will be delivered to your destination when you want them. You can store them for a month while you paint your new house or you can have them delivered immediately - it’s your choice. Save time - we deliver it right to your door. You can pack and unpack as many U boxes as you need, when it’s convenient for YOU. Save money - bring your valuables to our store location on Adams Rd and save the delivery/pick up fees. Save time and money - have us ship your U boxes from Kelowna to anywhere in North America.                                         Delivered right to your door and much less costly than a traditional moving company. Students: Looking for a safe place to store your valuables? All your friends with trucks are avoiding your phone calls? We will deliver a storage box as close as we can to your dorm or room. We have all the supplies you will need including strong shipping boxes of various sizes. Moving supplies:  The Uhaul store has a complete line of moving boxes, and supplies to make everything easy. Just click on the box labelled MOVING SUPPLIES above and get started making your move that much easier. U box’s are 5' Wide x 8' long x 7.5' high. One month of free storage if you rent for a minimum of three months. Save on self storage options:  As low as $79.95 per month The Uhaul U-Box - you can store your valuables over night or for months We have plans for both and you will be surprised how inexpensive it is. Are you a student at UBCO? Need storage over the summer months? Are you selling or have sold your house and need a place for store things until the sale is finalized? Or maybe you have some of your winter equipment you want stored in a safe location.